Hello, my name is Savanna.
I'm a creative strategist, fitness instructor, and dog mom.

It is rare you find a creative-minded individual who is not only capable of matching the strategic inclination of the C-suite, but also humble enough to pick up the "pen" and execute. Savanna is that extraordinary, one-in-a-billion talent.

About Me

It's nice to meet you.

I’m a creative with a passion for strategy. With over a decade of experience, I pride myself on being a multi-disciplinary leader, working on everything from rebranding projects to UX journeys to data-driven campaigns. I love marrying together powerful designs with strategic marketing plans, and bringing depth to the “why” behind great ideas.

We should work together.

In need of a creative who can execute on your vision? Looking to up your marketing strategy? Just want to talk? Give me a shout.