My name is Savanna. My friends call me Savae (pronounced “say-vay”). I’m a graphic designer from Vernon, BC. I love coffee and hate Comic Sans. Let’s hang out.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, and designing professionally since 2009. I love freelancing, meeting cool people (like you!), and turning ideas into rad, catchy visuals that make an impact in the real world and online. You can often find me drooling over good design, spending gross amounts of money on fonts, writing bits of code, or getting lost in my sketchbook.

What you (probably) wanna know:

  • I earned my diploma in Digital Art & Design program at Thompson Rivers University in 2009.
  • I got a design gig right outta school, so I’ve been doing this full-time ever since.
  • I’ve been freelancing since 2012. I know Photoshop (and a whole buncha other Adobe CC programs, but that’s the only one people ask me about).
  • I have worked with clients all across North America.

Other things to note:

  • I’ve been drawing since like, forever.
  • I like to work out (come visit me at GoodLife in Vernon and take one of my BodyPump classes!).
  • I have played a disgusting amount of Final Fantasy.