Fractal Forest 2022






The Ask

After a two-year gap due to pandemic restrictions, Shambhala Music Festival returned in 2022. Artist Slynk took stage at a packed Fractal Forest and put together a set that made him feel, in his words, “reborn”. He needed an artwork to reflect the magic of the night and match up with the music that would accompany it.

The Solve

Having worked with Slynk in the past, I know that his style has never been conventional—the radish design came to me after watching a reel of the set on Instagram, where at one point, it’s declared, “Instead of meat, I eat veggies and…,” well, you get the idea. I proposed this wild vegetable swimming in the magic of his set, and the rest came together from there.

Fractal Forest 2022 Radish Illustration
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