Graphic Design

If you’re looking for graphics that make a real impact, then you’re in luck. My attention to detail, brand, and concept transform your ideas into effective real world design.

With several years of professional experience in the graphic design field, I have developed a strong reputation as one of the Okanagan’s most in-demand designers, working with a wide variety of small to medium-sized businesses across Canada and the United States. My passion for the visual arts started from an early age, and has since developed into a multitude of skillsets that translate in rich visuals that truly represent my clients.

Visual Brand Identity

Your brand is where it all starts. It is the visual representation of your business’ personality, and the basis for all your marketing and advertising strategies. Together, we’ll go over your target audience, your goals, your challenges, and your competitive advantages, and determine your best course of action.

Print Design

Get the basics for your company. Business cards, rack cards, gift certificates, brochures, posters, flyers, newspaper ads… Whatever you can think of that can go on a piece of paper, I can create for you!

Environment Design

Your brand doesn’t stop at your logo and business card. Expand your look to your storefront, signage, and go mobile with vehicle decals and wraps, banners, and trade show displays.