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Hey there! I'm Savanna.
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I’m a creative with a passion for strategy. With over a decade of experience, I pride myself on being a multi-disciplinary leader, working on everything from rebranding projects to UX journeys to data-driven campaigns. I love marrying together powerful designs with strategic marketing plans, and bringing depth to the “why” behind great ideas.

I’ve worked with established businesses and start-ups alike, in retail, real estate, and fintech, and enjoy crossing the beyond the creative to collaborate on solutions with executives, developers, Salesforce administrators, content and media creators.

My bio, or "How a Small Town Girl Came Into Big Ideas".

Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. My love of painting, drawing, and creative writing spans as far back as my memory goes. It was my artist grandmother who said that as long as I had a pen in hand and a piece of blank paper, I was content.

That desire never waned, and as I grew up, I decided to turn my passion into a meaningful career. In 2009, I graduated with honours from the Digital Art & Design program at Thompson Rivers University.

I’ve been climbing my way up the so-called ranks ever since, from my first “real job” as a Production Designer at a print shop, to Lead Designer at a local marketing agency, to Marketing and Design Contractor for an outdoor retailer, to Creative Director working primarily in the US private lending industry.

Through it all, I have managed to stay nimble, always expanding my skillset and never turning down a good challenge—I’m forever a learner, always eager to discover a better path forward.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing success not only in my own endeavours, but in those of my team. It’s what gets me up in the morning, what gets me excited to do what I do. And it’s why I’ve become adept at cultivating big ideas and translating the thirty-thousand foot view of the C-suite into tangible, real world results.

Savanna brings so much to the table. Her keen eye for detail, ability to identify and solve problems from the start, and capacity to produce meaningful work are just a few of her standout talents. As my Creative Director, she taught me how to be a more creative, more effective, and more confident designer.

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