Ground-Up Construction

Paid Search Campaign


Patch Lending


Automation Developer

The Ask

We identified an opportunity to highlight Patch Lending’s ground-up construction loans as a way to capitalize on historically low housing inventory. I was tasked with leveraging our paid search channel in order to build customer awareness and ultimately generate more MQLs for the program.

The Solve

I worked with Patch Lending’s external SEO/SEM resource team to map out our targetting strategy. The original keyword methodology, however, saw us receiving too many non-qualified leads.

I worked inside of Salesforce Pardot to create custom logic which both A, appropriately relayed to Google what we considered to be a lead beyond just form fill; B, sent the lead down a custom nurture path based on their form selections; and C, sent the lead to sales for further engagement if they satisfied specific requirements.

The result? Fewer leads entered our system, but lead quality drastically improved. Consequentially, we were able to save money on our SEM budget, and save time for our sales team by better qualifying leads before they even reached their desk.

Landing Page
Landing Page Screens
Custom Thank You Messages Based on Form Selections